Parent Volunteer Team

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It’s hard to imagine a more powerful team than school and parents working together for the good of children.

That’s why serving as a parent volunteer is so vital to enriching your child’s education.

How the school benefits seems obvious enough. Depending on the school’s needs, you may serve as a classroom aide, field trip chaperone, or Watch Dog. You may provide a helping hand at special events, such as the Walk-A-Thon or Auction. Or you may contribute your time at Grandparents Day or Picture Day.

But perhaps you never thought about why volunteering can be so beneficial to you as a parent.

For one thing, it lets you meet other parents who can give you deeper insights into the lives of your children and their classmates. (How much time do other kids spend on their homework? What projects and events are coming up that you haven’t heard of? And when your child says, “Everybody else is doing it”—are they really?) Meeting fellow parents may also enhance your professional connections and personal friendships.

For another thing, volunteering lets you really get to know your child’s school: who the staff and volunteer leaders are, why the school does what it does, and how the mission is carried out.

But perhaps most important, volunteering is an expression of your interest in, and commitment to, your child’s daily life.

If you’re interested in being a part of our Parent Volunteer Team please fill out the form below and we can give you more information regarding your areas of interest.

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Fill out this form and we can give you more information regarding your areas of interest.

Here are the ways you can get involved at King’s Way…

  • Annual Auction, Friday, March 17th, Heathman Hotel
  • Book Fair, early May
  • Booster Club
  • Choir events & tours
  • Concessions at athletic events, on going
  • Faculty Appreciation, first full week of May
  • Field Day (elementary), last day of school
  • Gala Dinner, Saturday, November 5th, Royal Oaks
  • Walk-A-Thon, Saturday, May 5th
  • Grandparents Day (Elementary), mid March
  • High School Decorating Team
  • High School End of year party
  • Open House, mid May
  • Picture Day, early September
  • Watch Dogs
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